Focus Bino Harness

I was told by a wise old hunter many years ago that looking is your most important aspect of all hunting and that I should spend the most I can afford on a good pair of binoculars. I have seen people struggle with long distance spotting with poor optics, where they opted to spend the ...continue reading Focus Binocular Harness – BJ Holdsworth


August 2015, Andrew and I hatched a plan to head south and have a crack at a walk in winter Tahr hunt on the east coast of the south island. We put a bunch of planning in place, talked to a few guys and picked a spot. About a 12km walk in to an area that supposedly was ...continue reading The Elite Hunter, One Year On – Alex Broad

Cody Weller - Roaring Stag

Bowhunting is an up close and personal way of hunting. There are all kinds of influences that can make or break a stalk. Some are out of your control and some aren’t. One of the things that you can control is concealment. Being well concealed can have you waiting for that perfect shot while you ...continue reading Roaring them in close (Video) – Cody Weller

Willis Sika Stag

Brian had base camp well established. Being able to drive to camp was a luxury I don't often have. He had already spent a few days hunting around the nearby area but his bad knee had restricted him to areas close by. I had only shot one Sika before this trip, and being the roar, I ...continue reading First Sika Stag Adventure – Willis Macbeth


This year I set a goal of taking a Buck with the bow and getting it on film. Wanting to make bow hunting videos to share my passion, promote the sport and encourage others is motivating, so we set to it waiting for full Fallow Rut to hit us and head into the bush. When ...continue reading Bowhunting Fallow Deer – BJ Holdsworth

Victor Boots

The new Victor boots are finally here and we firmly believe that they blow all of the competition out of the water in their category. The Victor is a serious "built tough" boot designed to be the best mid-range heavy duty boots, at an amazing price. The Victor has been purpose built for hunters carrying heavy ...continue reading NEW Victor Boots

Nordic Green

The new 'Nordic Green' XTR Jacket has hit the shelves and we've added some exciting new changes as well as the color. Firstly we've changed the tone of green for this jacket based on what you guys had to say. You told us that you prefer this colour so we've switched over to a green that's ...continue reading NEW XTR Jacket – Nordic Green

The new OUTLAND range from Hunters Element is designed for “after the hunt”. The OUTLAND gear offers the benefits of warm, quality hunting garments with a style more suited to the pub or work. All the products in the range have been built out of top quality materials typically found in heavy duty hunting gear. The ...continue reading NEW Outland Range